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Top 5 Watches For Men around 500 dollars

Finding men watches for 500 dollars is easy. But, finding the perfect one is tough and very time-consuming. I have taken some of my time to find the best watches for men available for 500 dollars. Here’s what I have found.

Nixon Men’s Chronograph Watch

Nixon are known for making little thing better. Nixon men watches are always gorgeous and special. This one is no different. First take a look at this golden watch. Nixon 500 dollar watchIt is golden watch, rather a gold tone watch. But, it looks better than golden watches. There are lots of varieties in color.It’s a chronograph watch and you can enjoy the full features of it. There’s a little date window also.

It’s a perfect watch for marine profession as it is water-resistant up to 200m. But, do not try scuba diving with beautiful time piece worth around 500 dollars.

You will get an extra link if your wrist is big. If you need more, you can always order. There’s two years Nixon warranty with this watch.

Citizen Men’s JY0005-50E Black Watch

This one is one of best watches for men from Citizen for around 500 dollars. It is full lots of features. It looks complicated and beautiful.

citizen eco driveOne of the most amazing feature is 99 minute countdown timer. Another one is low charge warning. So, when the battery is on low charge, it will remind you to charge. There’s incandescent light for night vision.

With this watch, you are getting perpetual calendar and times of 43 cities around the world including Greenwich mean time.

Like all the atomic watches, you will get more than accurate time. It is water-resistant up to 200m. So, that’s a big difference with other watches.

There’s one thing about the weight. Some of you find the watch bit heavy. But, over the time you will be accustomed to it and begin to love the watch.

Citizen Men’s AT4007-54E Watch

Here’s an another around 500 dollars watches for men from Citizen. It is less complex than the previous one but its equally beautiful with it black stainless steel. You are getting very comfortable band and sapphire crystal. So, it’s a scratch free watch.

Citizen Less Complex Chronograph watchWith this less complex Citizen chronograph watch, you will get chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes only. But, that’s enough for most cases. Other features like luminosity, day-date, 12/24 hour mark and alarm are all available.

It does have low battery warning feature. And it provides accurate timing with atomic timekeeping technology. But, you will only get times for 5 different cities around the globe.

It’s water-resistant up to 200m as well. So, feel free to use it during shower but do not go for scuba diving.

Movado Men’s 0606502 Black Leather Band Watch

Well, this a different one. Here’s a Movado Men’s leather band watch which will cost you around 500 dollars. It is as simple as it gets.

Movado 500 dollar men watch

There’s only one hour marker on the 12 hour mark. And there’s only two hand. So, why does it cost that much? I like the perfect design and the shape. It’s not too big nor too small.

You are getting a very comfortable leather band and sapphire crystal dial window. So, it’s very light. If you have a tiny wrist, this will be a perfect match.

Oh, it’s water-resistant up to only 30m. You will get away with sudden rain or accidental splash of water on your watch. But, don’t ever take this with you in the shower.

Invicta Men’s 1537 Watch

Looking for cool men watches for 500 dollars? Well, check this out.

Invicta Chronograph watch for men

It comes with both stainless steel and rubber band. So, you are free to choose. You are getting 5 years of warranty with this excellent fashionable timepiece.

If you have a wrist of 9 inches circumference, it will fit comfortably. So, it is a big watch and a watch for men.

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