5 Best G-Shock Watches Under 100

Best G-Shock Watches are known for their resistance to different shocks like hard knocks and strong vibration. There are many G-Shock watches available in the market in the various price range. But, finding a good G-Shock watch within 100 dollars budget is tough. The good news is, there are some really good g-shock watches for … Read more

10 Best Automatic Watches Under 500

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do we wear watches?” We have the latest smartphones to tell us times and dates. We wear watches because it makes us look smart and gorgeous. There are many kinds of watches. They serve different purposes. Some of them give accurate time while others are aesthetically beautiful. Automatic watches are … Read more

7 G-Shock Watches For Kids

Why do kids want G-Shock Watches? Because they are tough and have features to explore. Kids have the feeling of wearing that grown-ups wear. Besides, most kids are very active in their sports and exploring the neighborhood. Due to the durability, shock resistance, and water resistance along with different colors g shock watches are most … Read more

8 Best Dive Watches Under 1000

Dive watches are very popular among men all over the world. They are an essential part of divers and swimmers. Still, the popularity is not because of the usage of the watches, rather the style and look of the watches. When Mr. James Bond wears dive watches, you need to give more attention. Dive watches … Read more