5 Best Anne Klein Watches Reviews

Anne Klein watches are suitable for fashionable women. If you want to have a collection of stylish watches within a limited budget in 2019, then Anne Klein is a perfect choice. Anne Klein watches are well designed, elegant and gorgeous in spite of their low cost. You can get Anne Klein watches with diamonds, Swarovski crystals and many more.

Here are the 5 best Anne Klein watches reviews. Hope you will find the information valuable.

1. Anne Klein Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

Anne Klein watches are well designed and beautifully crafted. AK1470 is a combination of the watch, bracelet, and bangle. So, you are getting a chain bracelet, a watch, a bangle with enamel and a crystal-accented bangle.
Anne Klein Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

It has a 32 mm alloy case with the mineral dial. It provides crystal clear view of the watch. As the case is only 32mm, it is a watch for the small wrist. Women with thick wrist will find a little uncomfortable to wear this timepiece. Moreover, the crystal is scratch resistant. The color is also very stable and does not fade away easily.

The price of the Anne Klein watches is very affordable. You can get this bangle watch without spending too much money. The watch set is more of a fashion statement rather than a simple watch for timekeeping.

Women who love to wear simple but eye-catching jewelry will find this set handy for attending different parties.

For men, it is a great piece of gift for girls. If you want to impress your girlfriend or simply give something beautiful to any woman, then you must try this one. It will not cost you a fortune and you will be glad that you have bought the right gift for the right occasion.

The downside of this dress watch is that it is not water-resistant. So, you may not want to use the watch near a pool or shower.

2. Anne Klein Ceramic Diamond Watch

There are many women who do not like flashy pieces of jewelry. They like simple but elegant products. For them, this Anne Klein Ceramic Diamond watch is a great choice. The watch is very sleek in design.

Anne Klein Ceramic Diamond Watch

The minimalist design of the watch consists of black sunray dial with a diamond-accented on 12 o’clock marking. The gold-tone bezel along with black ceramic band have made a perfect color combination. The dazzling black glossy dial will only enhance the beauty of your outfit. The watch has a Japanese quartz movement with an analog display.

The brass case of the watch is only 30 mm. So, it is a watch for a small wrist. If you have a wrist around 6 inches, you are okay.  If you find this watch little small for you, then you have to buy extra links in any nearby watch store.

This is an Anne Klein dress watch for women. It is not a casual watch. Most women would like to wear this with a fancy dress at a different party or date.  You may want to wear a matching dress with your watch to maximize the effect of its beauty.

The affordable price of the watch justifies the elegant and unique design. Like most of the dress watches, the watch is not water-resistant.

3. Anne Klein Gold-Tone Crystal Watch

In the modern watch industry and fashion trend, most of the watches are large in size. Many women do not feel comfortable wearing a heavy metal case. Still, they have little choice.

The Anne Klein crystal watch will help to solve that problem. This is a moderately sized watch with a 30mm stainless steel bezel. Women with a 7 inches wrist can easily wear it. If you have a wrist over 7 inches then you are in bad luck. You can adjust the length of the band.

Anne Klein Gold-Tone Crystal Watch

The gold-tone case looks gorgeous with a crystal-accented bezel. The band is also gold toned. Black dial with gold-tone bracelet makes a perfect color combination for dress watches.

There is also a rose-gold version of this watch. You can also check it if you like a little color. But I prefer black and gold as it has a color contrast which is very attractive.

Many people have wanted to know about the crystal. Do they come off? The answer is no. If you use it in a normal way then there is almost no chance. But do not try to remove the crystal forcefully.

Like most of the Anne Klein fashion watches for women, this crystal watch does not have the water-resistant protection. You can get away with occasional splashes of water. But I will suggest that you keep a distance from the swimming pool.

4. Anne Klein Two-Tone Bracelet Watch

Anne Klein makes the best bracelet watches for women. This two-tone bracelet is one of those.

Anne Klein Two Tone Bracelet Watch

This is a gold and silver-tone Anne Klein dress watch for women. It has a nice looking sunray dial with Roman numerals.

Usually, the bracelet watches are smaller in size. The size of the case is only 16mm. This makes the watch light and comfortable to wear in any event like a party or on a date. This can be a perfect dress watch for a corporate office.

The bracelet links are removable. If your wrist is smaller in size, then you can remove some links to make comfortable according to your wrist size. It can be a great watch for women with a smaller wrist. The watch comes with two additional links for extension purpose.

Unlike other dress watches from Anne Klein, this one has a water-resistant capacity up to 99 feet. But do not get overexcited. This will not allow you to take this watch to the swimming pool or shower. This mainly provides protection for an occasional or accidental splash of water.

Overall, I like the rectangular shape of the watch. Because it has become quite uncommon. There was a time when most women liked rectangular watches. Nowadays it is only a few women are found with this type of rectangular watch. This makes this Anne Klein watch special.

5. Anne Klein Leather Strap Watch

Gold-tone watches always look beautiful. But with the stainless steel band, they become quite heavy.

Not all women want to wear such heavy watches. For them, the leather strap is the best solution. They are lightweight and easy to use.

Anne Klein Leather Strap Watch

It has a 26mm gold-tone case. The size is smaller than most of the watches. That’s why it is more like a bracelet watch with a leather strap. The case is made of stainless steel and has a mineral dial window for sharp visibility.

The leather band has a buckle closure.

As the watch uses Japanese quartz movement for accurate timekeeping, you will need a battery to power it. The battery is a nonstandard one. But you do not need to worry. The battery is included with the watch. It can easily power the watch for 2 years.

Water-resistant is not necessary for women’s fashion watches. Still, the watch is water-resistant up to 99 feet. But do not take it too seriously. Try to keep it away from water as it can only survive occasional splashes of water or sudden rain.

Most of the Anne Klein watches are very affordable. You do not need to spend 100 dollars for this watch. If you are lucky enough you can get it below 50 dollars. I am saying this because the price is not stable. It varies with time. So check on Amazon.

Here are the commonly asked questions about Anne Klein watches. Check out if you have anything to ask.

Are Anne Klein watches well?

Yes, Anne Klein watches are well designed, stylish, durable and affordable. Women love them because of their elegant look.

Are Anne Klein Watches Real Gold?

Most Anne Klein watches are not made of gold. They are made of metal with a gold-tone or rose gold-tone.

Do Anne Klein Watches have real diamonds?

Yes, some of the Anne Klein watches have real diamonds on them.

Is Anne Klein watches expensive?

No, most of the Anne Klein watches cost less than 100 dollars. Only a few of them will cost you more than 100 dollars. If you have a 200 dollar budget then you will be able to buy several of them.

Do Anne Klein watches have batteries?

Yes, they do. Anne Klein Watches use quartz movement for timekeeping. That’s why they require batteries. Batteries are included with watches. The battery size is nonstandard.

In conclusion, fashion is very short-lived. You have to keep pace with the changes in the fashion world. But you cannot spend several hundred bucks for watches after a few days. That’s why Anne Klein is the best. It costs very little. You will get premium looking watches spending as little as 40 to 100 dollars. Though you have to make some sacrifices with features like alarm, day-date functionality, and water-resistant capacity. Overall, you will get beautiful watches with respect to your expense.