10 Best Automatic Watches Under 500

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do we wear watches?” We have the latest smartphones to tell us times and dates. We wear watches because it makes us look smart and gorgeous. There are many kinds of watches. They serve different purposes. Some of them give accurate time while others are aesthetically beautiful. Automatic watches are of the second kind. They are very gorgeous watches and provide unique beauty to the wrist. Automatic watches can be very costly. But you can find affordable automatic watches with some research. Here is a list of 10 best automatic watches under 500 in 2020.

1. Bulova Men’s 96A120

Bulova Men’s 96A120 is one of the best automatic watches for men under 500 dollars. It is one of those watches which will shower you with compliments. I like the brown leather in automatic watches. It makes the watch more elegant than a steel band.

Bulova Automatic Watches Under 500

The build quality of the watch is very good. You can even exercise wearing this watch though it will not give you extra information. That’s how good are its mechanical parts. It has a stainless steel case of 42 mm which is quite normal for most guys. The two extra skeleton sub-dials for twenty-four-hour and 60 seconds have given a mechanical look to the watch. It looks quite extra-ordinary. You can wear this watch at a party or in an office. It goes with almost all kinds of occasions. That’s the beauty of automatic watches.

Automatic watches are not suitable for use in the water. It has a water-resistant capacity of only 33 meters. It can survive a sudden splash of water but it is advised to not going to swim wearing this watch.