8 Best Dive Watches Under 1000

Dive watches are very popular among men all over the world. They are an essential part of divers and swimmers. Still, the popularity is not because of the usage of the watches, rather the style and look of the watches. When Mr. James Bond wears dive watches, you need to give more attention.

Dive watches are nice and beautiful, hard and tough, have a great water resistant capacity. Moreover, dive watches represents the boldness of a man which most of the men desire. The price of dive watches ranges from less than 100 dollars to over 1000 dollars.

The best-selling dive watches are under 100 dollars. It is because great dive watches are available within the affordable price range and people are not willing to spend too much money when the quality product is available at a lower price. Here are some of the best affordable dive watches of 2019 for men and women.

1. Invicta Automatic Dive Watch

Automatic watches are very attractive. They have extra appeal due to their complex machinery which sometimes makes automatic watches expensive. Invicta has brought a great automatic pro diver watch which cost less than others.

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This pro diver sports watch has a classic looking stainless steel round case with a robust triple link steel bracelet. The hands and the hour markers are luminous and big data window adds boldness to the watch. 200m water resistant capacity and unidirectional bezel justify the name of the dive watch.

2. Invicta Gold Tone Automatic Dive Watch

Different men have different taste in fashion and color. Some men like black and some others like it more colorful. This Invicta gold tone with blue unidirectional bezel is one of the best-selling dive watches. So there are lots of men find this robust colorful timepiece awesome to have.

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Like the previous one, it is also automatic. Thus it requires no batteries to keep it running. The blue unidirectional bezel adds fashion choices for stylish men. The 23k gold plated stainless steel link adds a nice contrast to the band.

200m water resistant capacity is suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports. But do not try this while you are scuba diving.

3. Casio Affordable Dive Watch

Casio is known for its G-Shock watches. They are tough enough. Casio has brought one of the best affordable dive watches. Most of the dive watches are like fashion watches. This is built for real divers. Both men and women divers like this watch because of its simplicity.

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There is no time for extra features. You get what you need. A comfortable resin band which can be replaced easily in case you need to change.  The bezel is one way rotating. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. Overall one of the best dive watches under 50 dollars for swimmers.

4. Invicta Royal Blue Dive Watch

Royal blue is a symbol of elegance. Invicta makes the best dive watches within the limited budget. Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro Diver watch is an example of such watches.

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Besides the royal blue color, I like the chronograph feature of a dive watch. The design of the case is different than most of the dive watches available on the market today. It has a big 49mm case with a flame fusion dial window.

It is water resistant up to 200 meters which means you are free to use it as your companion during day to day marine activity and serious surface water sports. But, do not take this watch while you are gone for scuba diving.

5. Pyle Digital Dive Watch

Most of the dive watches are analog. Digital dive watches are required for a quick look and getting accurate information in a short time. Pyle brings one of the best digital dive watches for serious divers.

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The watch automatically starts and stops dive mode and store information of last 100 dive. You can get maximum dive depth, dive duration, and minimum water temperature. It supports to a depth of 100 meters.

The watch is waterproof splashproof and dive-proof. There is a various color available to choose from.

6. Seiko Automatic Dive Watch (For Scuba Diving)

Scuba diving is a breathtaking experience one can have underwater. Scuba divers are independent of surface communication. They are equipped with the necessary tools for their survival.

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Seiko has made a comfortable watch suitable for recreational scuba diving. The rubber band along with stainless steel case and Hardlex dial window have made the watch complete. The crystal on the window is very tough and does not get scratched easily.

Like other automatic watches, it operates on the movement of the arm. No battery is needed. Because of that, it loses some time every week. So, little adjustment needed to be made for perfect timing. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

7. Garmin Swim Watch

This is one of the best watches for swimmers; both professional and occasional. It can record your swimming distance, time, stroke count and type of strokes. These data can be uploaded via Garmin connect and analyze online for future use.

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Garmin Swim watch is very helpful for improving swimming timing and efficiency. If you are in competitive swimming, then this gadget will be very helpful to improve your performance. It has advanced features for timed sets and logging drills.

The only downside of this watch is that it is only water resistant to 50 meters. Because the watch is made for the pool, not for ocean and scuba diving.

8. Seiko Automatic Dive Watch (Green Light)

Another beautifully crafted dive watch from Seiko. The black stainless steel case with the silver band has made the watch gorgeous. The unidirectional bezel is made of aluminum.

[amazon_link asins=’B001IBF15Y’ template=’OnlyImage400′ store=’fmwatch-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9e247961-c901-11e7-a662-adeef19cb11f’]

Green luminous light is a difference maker with other dive watches. It is water resistant up to 100 meters. So, the watch is more of a fashion statement rather than a serious diving watch.

The Hardlex crystal of the window is very hard and durable. This gives the watch a robust construction which represents the toughness of the owner of the watch. Overall, the watch is a great buy who are looking for dive watches for style purpose.

9. Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Dive Watch

Easy to read watches are the best choice for dive watches. This Citizen Eco-Drive is made for professional divers. The anti-reflective curved crystal ensures the clarity of the window. It has a rotating bezel. Both hands and hour marks are luminous. There will be no problem deep in the ocean.

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Eco-Drive is a special technology which receives energy from light. There is no need for any batteries. It has a comfortable rubber band with a 48mm stainless steel case. The case is quite big but it ensures the toughness of the watch. The rubber band makes the watch lighter than most of the big bulky and heavy dive watches.

The watch is water resistant is 300 meters. That’s why it is a great watch for scuba divers and swimmers who like to spend their weekends on the beach.

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