Best Reactor Watches of 2017

Before beginning my best reactor watches list, let me ask some questions?

  1. Do you want a really tough watch?
  2. Do you want a super-luminous watch?
  3. How about 10 years of battery life?

Yes, I want a really tough, indestructible, super luminous watch. I do not want to care about the battery life. Above all, I do not want to spend thousands of dollars?

Reactor watches will meet all of your demands with their unique design and production process.

Luminous watches are very useful for the dark environment. Previously, radioactive (example: Radium) elements were used for illuminating hands and hour markers. But, it possesses a great health risk for the workers working in the watch factory.

That’s why Reactor watches use a totally new material called Superluminova. It’s free from any kind of health risk and it’s super luminous. This material has enabled the Reactor to make their trademark Never Dark technology. With its peak brightness, a man can watch the time instantly after entering in the dark.

Now, we will find the best Reactor Watches to buy.

1. REACTOR Men’s 52001 Gamma Watch

It is one of my favorites Reactor watches. First of all, the watch is a real tough one. Normally, tough watches tend to be heavy because of their stainless steel structure. But, titanium bezel and band has made it one the lightest tough watches.

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Reactor 52001 has a solid titanium build. It can handle the harshest environment you can offer. Another interesting part of this watch is its links. The links of the band are not joined with a spring. They are joined by a solid titanium rod. This makes the band really strong. Thus the band can survive way more pressure or weight.

I have already discussed the general luminous feature of Reactor watches. In this watch, with the addition to Superluminova, there is Tritium. Do not worry. It only produces little beta particle which is sealed in the glass tube. What does it do? It is a backup brightness. When superluminova fades after several hours, tritium provides the brightness. So, dials and numbers are visible all the time. Even if you never return the watch to light, tritium will provide light for years.

Now, the water resistant capacity. This watch is a true gem for divers. It is water resistant up to 300 meters. It can be your companion during your scuba diving. Reactor 52001 easily survives 30 meters depth for 2 hours during scuba diving. So, if you are a diver, then you will be happy to have one.

The battery lasts for 10 years. You will not have to worry for a long time before replacing the battery.

Now, the best part comes. A tough, luminous, shock resistant, long battery life, and 300 meters water resistant will probably cost you 1500-3000 USD. But, Reactor provides best quality watches on very low price range. It is possible for their awesome production process.

2. REACTOR Men’s 68891 Black Watch

Many men like black watches. For them, REACTOR 68891 is a great gift. It is relatively smaller than the previous one.

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The main difference is that it has a durable rubber band. The band is attached to the case with a solid threaded screw bar. This screw bar makes the band non-detachable from the case. The case is made of stainless steel. The solid back provides the best toughness you can get on the backside of a watch. That is why the watch can endure so much harsh environment like hiking mountain, playing on the sandy beach or ocean and sudden slam of a door.

The screw down crown with crown guards gives the best water resistant functionality of the watch. The Reactor 68891 is water resistant up to 200 meters. Water resistant functionality does not get damaged during changing the battery thanks to the screw down crown.

Like other Reactor watches it has the best luminous features in the world. The ND trademark tells about its never dark feature. The superluminova along with tritium give the most luminous watch of the industry. Superluminova requires regularly exposing to light for its functionality. But, tritium gives luminosity for ages.

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