20 Best Watches For Men Under 200

Men’s watches under 200 are popular as well as affordable. You will find almost all kind of watches for men in this budget. For 200 dollars, you can have leather band classic watches as well as modern smartwatches with stainless steel band. Let us review some of the best watches for men under 200 dollars in 2018.

1. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Leather Strap Watch

Are you looking for a watch which is both casual and official? If yes, then you may have found the right one. A black leather strap with stainless steel case and dark blue hour hand have made the watch a piece of beauty. The most amazing thing is that the dials look different in different lights.

citizen watches under 200

The stainless steel case is 42mm in diameter which includes day and date sub-dials. It has a quartz movement. The most beautiful thing about Citizen watches is that they are very lightweight and comfortable.

This is an eco-drive watch. So no worry about recharging the battery. It will recharge the battery from any light; natural or artificial. One recharge will be enough for 6 months.

The watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters only. It can survive a sudden splash of water. Be careful with shower and swimming. And for months with 31 days, you have to manually reset it. Besides, neither the dials nor the hour marks are luminous.  Still a great looking watch in a great price range.

2. Bulova Men’s Stainless Steel Black Dial Watch

This is one hell of a nice looking watch. I fall in love with this watch every time I see it. It has a unique look which makes it so special. You will not find any classier watch with a 200 dollar price range.

elegant watches under 200

When I buy a watch online, I first look at the case size. Because if the size is not correct then no point of having it.

The diameter of the case is 40 millimeters with a mineral dial window which is perfect for average men’s wrist. It has a metallic rim and three black subdials for day, date, and 24-hour functionality.

It is a perfect dress watch. You can wear it to a party, office or even during your casual hour. The stainless steel band has deployment clasp closure which is very easy to use.

For me, it will be a great gift for anybody. He will like it, I can guarantee.

One last thing to keep in mind, the watch is water-resistant up to only 30 meters. But why would you get near water wearing a thing elegant watch?

3. Withings Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

This Withings Activité Steel is more than a watch. It keeps track of your daily activities like steps, distance, swimming running, monitors your sleep and how much calories you have burned. With a free app, you can easily analyze your sleep cycle. Moreover, it’s very beautiful.

fitness tracker watch

I have included this watch because it’s very stylish despite having such smart features. It looks like a normal watch but it is more than that. It can become your fitness partner within no time.

This tracking watch has a silent alarm (vibration) to start your day with a gentle wake up. This automatically detects walking, running, swimming and sleeping. It is water resistant up to 50 meters. So you can easily track your burnt calories during swimming. It automatically syncs with your phone via low energy Bluetooth.

It is not costly like other smart wear but looks a very top notch. Unlike other smartwatches, you do not need to carry any cable or dock with you. Because it does not need any charging up to 8 months.

Check more about this here: http://amzn.to/2inpwkU

4. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Brown Leather Strap Watch

Brown leather strap watches provide a different aesthetic view. Some men prefer a brown leather strap. While some others want to match with their dress color. You will find it classy with jeans and khakis.

eco drive watches under 200

This is a big watch with a 45mm stainless steel case. If you are a big man with a big wrist, then it is a perfect size watch for you. The watch includes one lithium battery because of the Japanese quartz movement. But you do not need to worry about it. The eco-drive name suggests it charges automatically from light.

The crystal display is very hard and very difficult to have a scratch. But keep in mind that it is not sapphire. It has also an anti-glare feature. The display is very sharp. Only hands are luminous, not the numbers.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet. So, you are free to have a shower with it. You can even go swimming wearing it. But do not take it to scuba diving.

5. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

titanium watches under 200

It is one of the best titanium watches for men under 200 dollars. As the name suggests, the case and band are made from titanium. It is a medium-sized watch with a case of 40mm diameter. The bracelet has fold over push button clasp and safety.

The dials and hour markers are luminous, unlike other Citizen watches. As it is Eco-drive, the watch is powered by light. So, be sure to get it some light once in a while.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. So casual bathing and swimming will not cause any harm.

6. Seiko Men’s Two-Tone Watch

Every watch has a different story. A different person likes a different watch. Two-tone watches are liked by men who love colors.

seiko watches under 200

This Seiko gold and silver-tone watch are different in many ways. The case and band are made of stainless steel. It has a nice protective hurdle crystal display. The coin edge bezel enhances the beauty of the watch. It has a Japanese quartz movement.

The diameter of the bezel is 35 mm. So, it is a quite small watch for men having a small wrist. Mostly teenage and younger people will find this watch perfect fit.

The watch is water resistant only up to 30 meters. It can survive occasional rain and splashes of water. But, no more than that.

There’s another similar type of Seiko watch. This is fully gold tone.

gold tone watches for men

If you are looking for a dashing dress watch then I would suggest it. Men can wear their suits or any other casual dress. It’s a stainless steel watch with gold tone. Its functionality is similar to the watch I have mentioned above. Above all, this is one of the best gold tone watches for men under 200.

7. Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronograph Watch For Men

Chronograph watches are nothing but watches with stopwatch functionality. If you are an athlete, or in a profession where you need to use a stopwatch, then this watch can be very handy.

timex watches for men under 200

This is a very beautiful fly-back chronograph watch from Timex. It has a nice clear mineral window which is 43mm in diameter. Quite a big watch. If you like big watches (which is a modern trend), then this is the chronograph watch you want to buy under 200 dollars.

It has a nice and comfortable leather band (13mm) with deployment clasp. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters which is fair enough for bathing and swimming.

8. Timex Expedition Military Field Watch

If you are looking for a rugged watch then you have got a winner.

timex expedition watches for men

Timex Expedition watches are built to survive under the critical condition and give you authenticate feelings. You can go to close to nature and be yourself without worrying about the watch you are wearing on.

This Timex timepiece is made for both official and casual use. The 42mm case along with mineral crystal glass on it makes it very clear. The Indiglo light gives the extra edge in the night. 100 meters water resistant capacity gives you the freedom you need.

The band is not quite up to the standard. You may want to change it after a few days of usage. Overall a great watch to have in your collection.

9. Tissot T-Classic Watch

Classic watches always represent different class. Most of the men love classic watches.

 tissot watches under 200

This T-Classic watch from Tissot is very nice and clean. Men with around 44 mm wrist will find this watch very comfortable. With respect to the size, the was is very thin and light.

The sapphire display makes the watch very hard to get a scratch. The light leather band makes the watch more comfortable to wear.

This is a dress watch. So, you can wear it with almost any kind of dress. You can wear it at a party or in the office.

As it is a dress watch, it is water resistant up to only 100 meters.

10. Casio Men’s Black Sports Watch

Casio is one of the best watchmakers in the world. They always make a quality product. Here is a black sports watch for men under 200 dollars.

casio sports watches for men under 200

It is a solar powered watch. It has all the sports features like the altimeter, barometer, thermometer, digital compass, LED backlight, world time and much more.

You can see sunrise and sunset data and schedule your daily routine accordingly with five daily alarms. For perfect timing in your walking, running or swimming you are getting a 1/10 stopwatch and countdown timer.

It is a digital watch. So, there are lots of features available. Like it has a calendar which is preset and you have no worry until 2099. You check current battery life within the display. Moreover, a single charge of the battery will give your energy for 7 months (without any exposure to light). Cool.

Yes, it is a big watch with a 46-millimeter case diameter. But, that is the trend for Casio digital sports watches. It is water resistant up to 100 meters which is very normal for a sports watch. Because you will do a lot of workout and training with this time tracking device.

Overall it is one of the best sports watches for men under 200 dollars.

11. Bulova Men’s Mechanical watch

Mechanical watches are always fun to use. They are different and unique. And Bulova makes best of the mechanical watches.

bulova mechanical watch for men under 200

It is a brown leather band mechanical watch with a rose gold dial. It is unique in design. It has a 40 mm case which is perfect for most men with an average wrist. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters only.

Overall, a great buy for such a price range.

12. Citizen Eco-Drive Japanese Quartz Watch

This is one of the best analog watches for men under 200 dollars. This Citizen eco-drive analog watch is made for everyday use. The mineral dial window is sharp and clear.

cheap watches for men

This old-fashioned eco-drive men’s watch is very comfortable. With 100 meters water resistant, you are free to go for a little adventure. You can easily change the Canvas band whenever you like. Moreover, with the luminous feature, you will not have any trouble at night.

The case diameter is 37.2 millimeters. This suggests that it’s a small watch. This will be perfect for men who hate to wear modern day wall clock size watch on the wrist. The price is also cheap with respect to its quality.

13. Guess Men’s Diamond Accented Watch

Another stylish timepiece from Guess. It is very slim and elegant. Guess has made this beautiful timepiece by combining silver band with a black window. I recommend this watch for the party. You can also wear this watch in the office.

steel band watches under 200

Let’s dive into the technical aspect of the watch. It has a steel mesh band with deployment clasp. It has a case of 40 mm diameter and 10 mm thickness. So the watch is really slim.

The length of the band is 20 mm which is a standard size for men. Both the case and the band is made of stainless steel. It has an analog quartz movement.

As it is a dress watch, it’s water-resistant up to only 50 meters. But it can certainly stand against an occasional splash of water.

14. Stuhrling Original Men’s Chronograph Date Watch

Now we will look two cool watches from Stuhrling Original. Both of them are quite the same. They differ only in color.

black watches under 200

They both have very comfortable calfskin leather strap with buckle closure. The 42mm case is shutter resistant with Krysterna crystal dial window. The hands of the watches are luminous. That is a great bonus of this type of fashion watches. They also have chronograph subdials and date feature.

brown watches under 200

The watches are water resistant up to 50 meters which I think is enough for dress watches like these. I like the coolness of the watches. They represent the very calm attitude of their owner.

These are top class clear watches under 200 dollars with chronograph features.

15. Nixon Men’s Leather Band Quartz Movement Watch

Nixon watches are different from other watches. They represent different color combination aesthetically. The following stainless steel leather band watch is no different.

royal blue watches under 200

It is one of the best Nixon leather band watches under 200 dollars. It has 42 mm case with 23 mm leather band. So, check your wrist size before making the final decision. The thickness of the case is 12 mm

You can hear the tick of the watch. For some people, it is enjoyable. For others it is annoying. What about you? You know the best.

The hands and the numerals do not glow in the dark. So, it is more of a fashion watch. But I like the look of the watch. Its blue background reminds me of something of royal.

Overall a great leather band watch on a 200 dollar budget.

Best Black Watches Under 200 Dollars

Black watches are a symbol of elegance and beauty. It enhances the smartness and makes a man more handsome. Most men prefer wearing black watches while women like to have different color watches.

16. Fossil Men’s JR1401

A nice and bold black watch from Fossil. It’s a new type of watch. It is a clean, over-sized watch with the military-inspired design. If you want to give a rough and tough look, then this black timepiece will serve your purpose.

fossil big black watches

It has a 47mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window. There are sword-shaped hands and three more subdials. There is numeric hour hand only on 12, 3, 6 and 9-hour mark.

The stainless steel band is 24mm thick with deployant buckle closure. The links of the band can be easily removed to adjust with the wrist.

The watch is water-resistant up to only 50m or 165 feet. So, it’s wiser not to take it swimming.

17. “Fossil Machine” Black Watch

What kind of wrist do you have? Is your wrist small or medium-sized? Then, Bingo. We have got a winner. The “Fossil Machine FS4775” Black watch is neither too big nor too small. Men with tiny or average sized wrists will definitely love this watch.

fossil black watches for men

It is a modern watch with a classic touch. It does not any fancy features. Moreover, the watch is very straight-forward about its job. It tells time and date. What else do you need? Yeah, it’s more than simple and many men who like simplicity will love this timepiece.

It has perfectly sized three hands with stainless steel band. The steel band is 12mm in diameter which has single press deployment.

18. GUESS Men’s U10628G1

It’s a casual sports black watch from Guess with a sleek face. The watch does have nice luminous hand and day, date and 24-hour subdials. The 46mm stainless steel case makes the watch suitable large-sized wrist.

guess men's black watches

It’s total black watch even the hour mark. But, the hour mark numbers are easy to read. There’s also chronograph feature.

You will have a nice and comfortable leather band with buckle closure. Due to the leather band, the watch is very light. The leather band is made of calfskin. The width of the band is 21mm which is wider than normal watches but perfect for 46mm case. The band is thick and durable.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100m or 330 ft. So, you can take it with you in the shower or swimming.

19. PUMA Men’s PU102941001

Are you looking for stylish black watches? Then, you must check out this Puma Men’s black watch. It’s a pure style.

puma stylish black watches for men

First of all, it’s a really big watch with 51mm stainless steel case with the 21mm plastic band. The weight of the watch is on the heavier side but not too heavy for a man with the big wrist.

There’s a PUMA sign at the 12-hour mark and Arabic numeral on the 3-hour mark. The watch is water-resistant up to 100m and suitable for swimming only.

As I have stated, it’s a watch for the style. In low light, you will find it difficult to read time. So, the watch is not suitable for day-to-day use.

20. Diesel DZ1437 Black Watch

Diesel always brings a different type of watches. It is no different. It is an over-sized watch with large hour markers on the right side of the watch and Diesel logo on the 9-hour mark.

diesel big black watches

The watch has a 44mm stainless steel case and 23mm silicone band. So, it’s just over medium-sized watch.

The watch water resistant up to only 10m. So, do not go near water with the watch.

Guess is one of the leading fashion companies which are producing award-winning products for men and women. Guess watches are very fashionable, attractive and affordable. They are very attractive and some of them are already popular.

21. GUESS Men’s U12604G1 Black Watch

It is the most elegant Guess watch. It looks better in real than its picture. The total black look of the watch and the numberless black dial has made it more gorgeous. There is only one diamond marker at 12 o’clock. For me, that will serve the purpose. It is a great watch for a gift. It comes with a great looking box. Almost all men will like it.

GUESS Men's U12604G1 Black Watch

It is water-resistant up to 100m or 330 feet. Swimming and bathing with this okay. But, you cannot go for scuba diving with it. It is not built for that kind of activity. On the cons side, if you looking for a watch that you are going to use for day-to-day use purpose, this is not to watch for you. This is more of a fashion watch.

22. GUESS Men’s U0076G1 Black Leather Strap Watch

If you are looking for a watch which has classic feeling but not old-fashioned, then this might be the watch you are looking for. I always have a soft corner for leather strap watches. This one has a calfskin leather band which is very comfortable on the wrist.

GUESS Men's U0076G1 Leather Strap Watch

This watch is big but not too big. So, you do not have to worry about the weight of the watch. It has chronograph functionality. So, you will get accurate time in case you use the stopwatch. There is also a day, date dial. So, this is a perfect day-to-day use watch.

23. GUESS U0247G3 Rigor Blue Watch

Well, this is a different type of watch. If you and your lover want to have the same timepiece, then Guess U0247G3 Watch is for you. It fits with the tiny wrist as well. The shape of the watch looks big, but not too big. It is blue and beautiful.

GUESS U0247G3 Rigor Blue Watch

The watch is more like a sport and casual watch. You will find Date and Month dial very helpful in an analog watch. It says that it is water-resistant up to 100m. But, some of the users have already complained about this feature.

The silicone band is really nice and comfortable to wear. For me, you can buy this beautiful watch for you and your partner but be careful with the water.

24. GUESS Men’s U15061G2 Gold-Tone Watch

Do you want Guess Gold-Tone watches? If yes, then you have found your watch. Normally, gold-tone watches are dress watches rather than casual watches. This type of watches is great for celebration or parties.

GUESS Men's U15061G2 Gold-Tone Watch

It has luminous hands and sub-dials including a chronograph, stopwatch, and 24-hour time functionality. You will get a stainless steel bracelet which has a deployant clasp. So, you need to adjust the bracelet for the first time.

Like most of the Guess watches it provides water-resistant capacity up to 100m or 330 feet.

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