10 Best G-Shock Watches For Police Officers

Watches are an important part of a police officer’s daily life. Because he has to maintain proper scheduling of his tasks. A proper watch can help a cop in different situations. Not every kind of watches is suitable for law enforcement officers. Here you can find the best g-shock watches for police officers.

If you are a law enforcement officer or military person, you need to consider several parameters before buying a tactical watch. The parameters are listed below.

  • Rugged: A cop’s watch should be rugged, tough and strong. It must survive in difficult conditions.
  • Comfortableness: The watch must be comfortable to wear and use. The band material should not cause any harm to the skin. The overall weight should not be too much.
  • Accurate timekeeping: It is one of the most important things of an officer’s watch. Proper timing is necessary to complete the daily exercise, patrol and personal life on time. Without accurate timekeeping, an officer’s life will be a total mess.
  • Water Resistant: As cops need to deal with the different condition, the watches should be highly water and mud resistant.

These are the basic requirements for watches of a police officer. There are also other features like magnetic resistant, solar power and different sensors. For these reasons, Casio G-Shock is the best watches for law enforcement officers.

There are a huge number of g-shock watches available. Different watches serve a different purpose. You need to choose carefully according to your requirements. Let’s look at the 10 best G-shock watches for police officers in 2019.

Casio G-Shock GW9400-1 Watch (The Best)

Casio GW9400-1 is the best g shock watch for a police officer. It is designed according to the needs of an officer. You will get anything you will want in a watch during your duty in rough and tough conditions.

It is one hell of a tough watch. It can endure a free fall from 10-meter height. So it passes the test of toughness which is the first requirements.

The G-shock GW9400-1 comes with a comfortable resin band. The window is sharp and clear. The red accents on the dial make It very easy to read the time on a sunny day. A full auto LED will help you to check the time on the night. Overall, the watch is very comfortable.

In the case of accuracy, there is no competition. The Rangeman GW9400-1 supports 6 Multi-band atomic timekeeping. It automatically updates its time via radio signals. So, you will get most accurate time available.

The watch is 200 meters water resistant. Moreover, it is mud and shock resistant.The button and the case are sealed to protect them from getting dirty. The watch is solar powered and it has a battery of 10 years of life. No worry about the energy to keep the watch running.

So, the watch fulfills all the basic requirements of a police officer’s watch.

Now the fun part. There are three sensors available to this watch. These three sensors make the watch a complete beast. They are –

  1. Altimeter
  2. Barometer
  3. Thermometer

With altimeter and barometer, you can easily measure the height and pressure of a certain place. So, you can take your tactical decisions accordingly. With the thermometer, you can know the current temperature and get an idea about the climate. There is also a compass which will help you in the pathfinding in an unknown place.

All these sensors will make your job easy. You can play with these features when you go hiking during your vacation.

Other Fun Features:

  1. Sunrise and sunset time
  2. Day, Date, Calendar
  3. Time Stamp
  4. 4 Alarms
  5. 1/10 seconds stopwatch
  6. Countdown Timer

All basic requirements + necessary sensors + cool features = The best g shock watch for police officers. For the above features and tough build quality of the watch, I consider it as the best G-Shock watch for any law enforcement officers.

Low-Temperature Resistant G-Shock Watch

This G-Shock is quite similar to the previous one. With all available features of the previous one, it has low temperature resistant. It can survive in -10C or 14F. This will be beneficial when you need to train in low temperature to face such condition in real life. Moreover, it possesses a super illuminator with afterglow. This is one of the best plus points of a g-shock watch.

low temperature resistant gshock

Moreover, there is 31 different timezones support. It has multi-band atomic signal reception. The bands are the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China. It updates 6 times a day.

The g-shock is mud resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters. It has a digital compass along with altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. The g-shock is solar powered. The greenish color matches with some of the uniform of law enforcement authorities.

Best Budget G-shock Watch

Sometimes, it is nice to have a watch not to care about. Such kind of watch should be cheap but it should fulfill all of your basic requirements. So, if you are a police officer and you do not want to spend much on your watch, then this is the best budget g shock watch for you. It has all the necessary features and functionality and it’s tough like all other G-Shock watches.

cheap g shock for police officers

It is a shock resistant digital watch with a comfortable resin band. A mineral dial window will give you the best possible view. It has a nice backlight for night viewing.

It is water resistant up to 200 meters which is good enough for most law enforcement officers. He/she does not need to worry about the watch during the rough training period or on a serious mission.

Other Features:

  1. Multifunction alarm
  2. 1/100 second stopwatch
  3. Hourly time signal
  4. Calendar

As it is a budget g shock, there is no atomic timekeeping. It does not have any sensors like altimeter, barometer or thermometer. There is also no solar power. It runs on a battery which should be replaced after a certain period. Otherwise, it is a great watch for such a low price. You can use it roughly on any kind of weather or environment.

G-Shock Classic (Magnetic Resistant)

This one is quite similar to the previous one. Only plus point is that it is magnetic resistant. The watch can sustain a certain level of exposure to the magnetic field. But, exposure to the strong magnetic field is not recommended. The Strong magnetic field can slow down the timekeeping.

anti magnetic g shock watches cheap

It is shock resistant, 200m water resistant, 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, pre-programmed calendar(until 2039), backlight with afterglow, and a battery which will run for about 3 years.

G-Shock GA100-1A1 (World Time)

Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 Black is packed with all the necessary features but it does not cost much. For a police officer who travels a lot, especially in different countries, this G-Shock will come very handy.

g shock for law enforcement officer

The anti-magnetic structure along with the usual toughness and shock resistant makes it one of the best rough watches in the world. As it is anti-magnetic, you can have the freedom to go places where you cannot go usually. The resin band is very comfortable as usual.

One of the coolest features of this GA100-1A1 is that it has a speed indicator and a stopwatch which counts 1/1000th of a Second. This is really helpful for the officers who take the exercise seriously and are passionate about their job. They can now accurately measure their workout timing which will ultimately improve their career path.

Another reason, traveling law enforcement officers like this G-Shock is that it has 29 time zones. These time zones include 48 cities around the world. So, when an officer goes abroad on training he will find it very helpful without spending much on fancy watches. And the daylight saving option will help him to roam across Europe in the winter.

Like most of the G-Shock watches, it is water resistant up to 200 meters which are enough to deal with most rough conditions in rough weather. There is also a backlight with afterglow.

Though, there are few things missing to make it the beast. The absence of solar power and atomic timekeeping are the major cons of this watch. Otherwise, with respect to price, this is the best G-Shock with time zones and daylight saving options.

Casio GW2310FB-1CR G-Shock (Atomic and Solar)

This is another good looking nonfunctional G-Shock watch. The best part of this watch that is atomic timekeeping and solar power. So there is no need to worry about to change the battery anytime soon. And atomic timekeeping is the best way to keep up with the most accurate time. These two features totally justify the price of this tough G-Shock watch for officers.

solar atomic g shock

It also has 31 world time zones. So, it will be a great watch to have for officers abroad. It can store 2 different time zones at a time. The 12/24 hour feature is helpful which I think should be mandatory for all military watches. The backlight afterglow is another handy feature to have.

With 4 alarms a day, nobody will be late for their duty. Its stopwatch is a bit letdown. It has 1/100 second stopwatch which is not bad either. But, within this price range, I expect a 1/1000 stopwatch.

As usual, it is water resistant up to 200 meters and shock-resistant. As the watch is digital and there is no moving part, there is less chance of damage to the watch.

Casio G-Shock GW7900B-1 (Atomic and Solar)

I always love watches which give accurate timing and do not need any maintenance for ages. Only an atomic solar powered watch can provide such benefits.

Casio GW7900B-1 is a shock resistant beast with accurate timekeeping. It has atomic features which receive updates every night. It is water resistant up to 200 meters. So, you are allowed to go beyond your limits. It can replace your usual sports watch with 1/100 second stopwatch and countdown timer.

g shock watches for detective

It supports 31 different time zones. For a renowned cop who travels throughout the continent or the world, this is a blessing. You can chase a terrorist or their anywhere in the world. If you live near the ocean, the tide/moon graph will keep you update about the tidal waves. This will be a great watch for boatmen also. The solar panel charges your battery with and without direct sunlight. Once fully charged, it provides power for 9 months. So, that’s cool.

Despite being a large watch, this G-Shock is insanely light. So, the problem with heavyweight watches is over.

G-Shock Camouflage Military Watch

G-Shock camouflage watches are very popular among military officers as well as other law enforcement officers. There are several reasons behind this. Camouflage watches easily blends with military dresses. This is a great watch for patrolling in the forest.

camouflage g shock watch-for military

G-Shock Men’s GD-120CM is a big watch for big guys. It has a large 51mm resin case. It is a shock resistant watch with a nice LED backlight.

The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. That’s why it is a perfect watch for day to day marine activity. It will also come handy for those that are in the surface water sports like surfing.

Overall a great addition to your g-shock collection for sure.

G-Shock GA-100 Camouflage Watch 

Casio G-Shock GA-100 is a nice military camouflage watch. It is more of an analog camouflage watch. I will recommend this watch during the less intense time. Because you may misread the time.

camouflage g shock watch for police

Boys who like military stuff will like this watch. The most interesting fact of g-shock watches is that these watches can be treated as a sports watch. So, even if you are not involved in the army or police, you will love to have these watches.

Like most of the g-shock watches, GA-100 is water resistant up to 200 meters and have all the necessary features.

Red Camouflage G-Shock Watch

Some people like colorful watches. Even in police and military, there are people who like to shake a little. For those, red watches will be perfect.

red g shock watches for police

Red g-shock watches will be perfect for firemen. It is good with water and can take serious abuse.

It is shock resistant, magnetic resistant and 200 meters water resistant. Overall, it is cool g-shock watch with serious toughness.

I hope these watches help you to make the decision about g shock watches.

What type of g shock watches do I like?

I always look for the best value for my money. Atomic watches are my top priorities as they provide accurate timing.

Mud resistance is quite handy if you work in the countryside. Multiple time zones are helpful, but as I am no frequent traveler they do not attract me much. And I like solar watches because these watches require less maintenance.

Additional sensors are also welcome. Especially thermometer. I find it very helpful during any time of the year. If you are a hiker, you may want to have a G-Shock with the altimeter.

That’s about it. Buy the best G-Shock. Good Luck.

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