How To Buy A Watch

To have, or not to have a watch, that is the question. In terms of timekeeping, there are various alternatives. But in terms of fashion, there is none. Day by day, watches have become more important for men, women, and kids. A watch can distinguish a person from a group. He/she becomes the center of attraction. So having the right watch is important.

Let’s face the real question, “How to buy a watch?” It is a very simple question to ask and a very tough one to answer. Because watch industry is huge. You can have anything you like. Literally, there is a numerous number of combinations of design, features, and style. And there is the price range. You can have a cool watch for $5 or $5000. You are free to choose. The question is, “Will it serve your purpose?”

What is the purpose of my Watch?

First of all, you need to settle your purpose.

  • Are you looking something for your style or fashion?
  • Are you a sportsman?
  • Are you a swimmer or scuba diver?
  • Are you looking for walking, running, and cycling watches?
  • Do you like to have a watch with you during hiking or camping?
  • Do you like analog watches or digital?
  • Do you have any affection for automatic watches?
  • Do you like leather, resin, plastic, stainless steel band?
  • Do you like the military watch?

As you see, there are lots of option. You need to narrow down your option first.

Fashion vs Necessity

There are two kinds of watch lovers. The first kind wants to collect watches based on fashion and style priority. They value the design of the watch more than the features available. If you want a fashion watch, then you should look for-

  • High-Quality Design
  • Clear Case Window
  • High-Quality Band (Stainless Steel/Leather)
  • Color
  • Proper Ratio of Case and Band Size
  • Basic Features (Day, date)
  • Reasonable Price

Now, let’s look at the features of watches made for special purposes:

  • Chronograph
  • Day, date, alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Multiple timezone
  • Anti-scratch, anti-glare
  • Shock resistance capacity
  • Water resistance capacity
  • Pressure resistance capacity
  • Nightlight
  • GPS
  • Price according to its features

Quartz Watch vs Automatic Watch

There are two types of movement for timekeeping of a watch. The first one is the quartz movement. It can be Japanese quartz or Swiss quartz. The second one is mechanical or automatic movement. Let’s see the features of both of them.

Quartz Movement

  1. Mostly electronic, battery powered which runs for 2-5 years. Some are without batteries (ex: Citizen Eco-Drive)
  2. Has less moving parts.
  3. Less Costly
  4. Lots of features (GPS, nightlight, alarm, countdown timer)
  5. Require less maintenance
  6. Rough use


  1. Delicate Design
  2. Hass lots of moving parts
  3. No battery needed
  4. Does not have many features
  5. Costs more than quartz watch
  6. Requires regular cleaning and maintenance

Atomic Watch

Atomic watches are most accurate timekeeping watches. They receive a radio signal from nearby transmitters to keep accurate time.

These are the basic parameters before buying a watch (online/offline). Be sure to check that you are purchasing from authentic sellers. Because nowadays, there are lots of fake watch manufacturers who are making the low-quality watch which is hard to differentiate at a first sight.

Why is Case Diameter important to buy watches online?

When buying online, it is difficult to know the right size. By knowing the case diameter, you will be able to get an idea about the size of the watch. If you prefer large watches, then you can look for watches with larger case diameter. Case diameter above 40mm is large for an average woman’s wrist.

Besides, you should also check band diameter, band material, and Band clasp type. If you like the leather band, be sure that you are getting genuine leather. Some people have sensitive skin. So, take decision wisely.

So be safe. Buy Watches.


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