15 Best Watches For Women Under 200 in 2020

Time goes on, the human’s desire for fashion changes. But there is some part of human nature that does not want to accept the changes. Sometimes it’s good. For several hundred years, watches were important for their astonishing capability of time-keeping. Even more, watches have become a source of passion. Let’s take a quick glance at our top women’s watches in 2020.

Numerous modern devices can replace watches as a time-keeping device, but none can replace passion. For women, watches are passion and fashion. Some women break banks for beautiful watches, while others find their trade within their budget.

Here are the best watches for women under 200 dollars.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Watch

Why are white watches more popular among watches? The common answer is elegance. Most of the white watches are gorgeous.

Tommy Hilfiger is best known for finding the right combination of colors and design. Tommy Hilfiger 1781271 is one of the best watches for ladies under 200 USD. You do not need to break the bank for getting the premium design.

The white silicone band is made to comfort the women’s wrist. If you have a white, red or dark blue dress, then you are good to go. Nurses and doctors will find this watch very helpful as it easily matches with their dress code.

With this watch, you are putting a smile on the receiver’s face.

2. Fossil ES2811 Rose Gold Watch

Rose gold-tone watches always enhances the beauty of a woman. This Fossil ES2811 is another excellent watch in the rose gold collection.

fossil watches for women

The crystal all around the bezel makes the watch really gorgeous. The crystal along with the rose gold stainless steel makes the proper color combination.

The three links stainless steel band is more of a traditional band. But it is quite comfortable and easy to use.

100m water resistant capacity gives the freedom to roam around freely without worrying about the water damage too much.

3. GUESS Women’s Silicone Strap Watch

A dark blue or navy blue watch for women. The silicone strap provides comfort.

The rose gold-tone and the Arabic numeral has made the watch special. Women who love the dress watch will definitely love the design and color combination of this timepiece.

It will be a great gift for anyone who loves to carry watches in this era of smart devices. The 50-meter water-resistant capacity provides some security to ladies who love to party in the pool. They only need to be careful when scuba diving. You need to find dive watches for those activities.

4. Armani Gold Watches For Women


Which watch will make me more beautiful? This is the most sought after question of women who love watches.

In most cases, the answer is gold watches. They are more like gold-tone watches. Why so?

Because of generation after generation, people like gold. They love to wear gold jewelry. In real life, a piece of gold jewelry enhances the beauty of oneself.

For these reasons, gold watches are so much popular. You can spend your fortune on luxury gold watches. And you can also get women’s gold watches for 200 dollars.

AX5216 is one of the best gold watches for women. The background of the window of the watch is full of class and it is different from any other watches.

With 36mm case diameter, the watch is more suited to women with smaller wrists. So you may want to check that before buying it.

5. MK3131 Women’s Gold-Tone Watch

Like silvertone watches, gold-tone watches are also very popular. Michael Kors makes the best gold-tone watches for women.

mk3131 womens watch

This specialty of this watch is the bracelet which is different and very stylish. The stainless steel band has a jewelry clasp which is quite uncommon. I have found this watch as one of the best fashion watches under 200 dollars.

6. MK5128 Women’s Rose Gold Watch

MK5128 is a differently designed rose gold-tone watch for women from Michael Kors. It includes luminous hands and three chronograph subdials.

michael Kors rose gold tone watch

It has a bracelet-style band with a deployment clasp and stainless steel band with a fixed bezel. All of them are rose gold in color. It is a large faced watch. But most women liked it despite its size.

It has a durable mineral crystal that can sustain wear and tear. 100 meters of water resistance is a bonus for such a dress watch.

It is one of the best rose gold watches for women under 200 dollars.

7. Fossil Dress Watch For Women

A traditional looking rose gold-tone watches for women.

The crystal-accented stainless steel band and the round window makes a nice combination. It is a watch for ladies who like dress watches most. It can be worn with most of the light-colored dresses at any party.

This Fossil dress watch can be a great gift for women under 200 dollars budget on special occasions like anniversary, birthday, or valentine’s day.

8. Michael Kors Black Watches For Women

In the fashion industry, black is on another level. Black watches can be part of a black dress or white dress. It always stands out.

The bracelet is also a bit different. With this Michael Kors women’s black watch, you will get a 7-link bracelet with a single locking fold-over clasp. The links can be easily removed to adjust to the wrist.

The watch is water-resistant up to only 50m or 165 feet. So, be careful with the water.

9. Michael Kors Parker Watches

Michael Kors parkers watches are most sold watches due to their design and performance. Here, I will cover several Parker watches. Let’s dig in.

mk womens watches

This is MK5353 from Michael Kors. It is one of the most popular women’s watches under 200 dollars. The unique and stylish design make it stand out among hundreds of other watches. It will be a perfect gift for your lover, wife, daughter, or mother. She will be more than happy to get this piece of beauty.

Most women like silvertone watch because they match with almost all kind of dresses. Besides, you will find many color variations of this watch. The 39 mm stainless steel case along with foldover clasp is the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. The mineral dial window provides a clear view.

If you have a smaller wrist, just remove a few links. The watch will fit right in.

There is another watch just like this one but with a different brand. The case diameter and band are the same as the above watch. Only the band color is rose gold-tone mixed with tortoise tone on links. It will enrich your watch collection. This is MK5538.

michael kors tortoise band watch

As you can see that water-resistant capacity is higher than the silver Parker watch. It will make you a little less worried near the pool or sea beach.

There is also a leather band Parker watch. Some women do not feel comfortable with the heavy band. For them, a comfortable leather is a great alternative. MK2249 comes with a nice calfskin leather band with buckle closure. If you or your girlfriend feel more comfortable with leather band watches, then you will not want to miss it.

michael kors leather band watch

10. Seiko SUP176 Solar Watch For Women

When I first saw the watch, I just decided, this should be on my girlfriend’s wrist. Seiko SUP176 is the perfect watch to gift girlfriend. I am sure no girl can be mad at you after seeing this beautiful timepiece.

seiko watches for gift

The crystal is accented along with the gold-tone band and the stainless steel case. Seiko SUP176 is a dress watch for parties and dating. If you want to impress a girl, then give her this one. And you will find a smile on her lips in no time.

11. Michael Kors Silver Watch

Silver watches look beautiful with light-colored dresses. During summer, a silver watch can be a great companion of a woman. Michael Kors makes the best silver watches for women.

michael kors silver watch

If you are looking for giving a present to your girlfriend, you will not find many better choices. Wearing this beautiful timepiece, your girlfriend will get lots of compliments for sure.

Like other Michael Kors chronograph watches, this silver one has three different subdials for the second, minute, and 24 hours functionalities.

It has moderate water resistant capacity of 50 meters. It is quite enough for any dress watch.

12. Michael Kors Women’s Black Gold Watch

The first one is MK5191. This is a really nice watch for women under 200 bucks and very comfortable to put on. The goldtone on the black has made the watch gorgeous and unique. They will easily match your black colored dresses.

The case diameter of the watch is 38mm with 14mm thickness. So, the watch is an average-sized one. The band is 20mm which makes perfect ratio with the case diameter. The band of the band is made of rubber. So, the weight of the watch is very low. And you will not even feel about its weight.

There are three chronograph dials for 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. There is also a date window. The luminescent dial looks really awesome on the black window of the watch.

This  MK5191 is water-resistant up to 100m (330 feet). You can go snorkeling or swimming without any concern for water damage. But, do not go diving. It’s not built for such action.

13. Michael Kors Women’s Silver Watches


Michael Kors is known for best and gorgeous fashion watches for women. MK5353 is one of the most sold and popular watches. It is exceptional and beautiful. The stainless steel band looks awesome and 38mm case diameter has given it the perfect size.

Women who have a big wrist will like this watch. Links can be removed to make the band smaller.

14. Swatch Ladies Watch SFK397


Now let’s look at some comfortable, modern, and casual looking watches which can be used as official watches with great ease. These watches will make you stand out in a meeting with exceptional fashion sense within the boundary of office culture.

The watch has a plastic case with a blue silicone strap which makes the watch really light and comfortable to wear. You will have no worry to carry the watch with you all the time without hurting your arms.

There are many colors available. It is water-resistant to only 30m. But it should not be a problem as we are looking for an elegant watch to wear at the office and official parties. So, choose your mind and get the best one for you.

15. Citizen Eco-Drive Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

Are you looking for a watch for everyday use? Then you will find it difficult to any better watch than Citizen EW1544-53A two-tone watch.

citizen women watches

It is a classic looking watch with basic functionalities. The goldtone accent gives a traditional look to the watch. Citizen EW1544-53A is powered by Japanese Quartz movement. The battery is automatically recharged by natural or artificial light. Once fully charged, it can run your watch for six months.

The small and thin design with stainless steel band is perfect for day to day use. 100-meter water-resistant capacity gives you extra freedom to take your watch swimming or diving.

16. Seiko SUT074  Solar Watch For Women

Seiko has a tradition of creating perfect products. Over the years, it has been able to create a divine relationship between art, science, and technology.  Seiko watches have been symbols of craftsmanship.

seiko watches for women under 200

It is a crystal-accented two-tone watch for day to day use. You are ready to go to a party or office wearing this solar watch from Seiko. A moderately sized watch is made for average size wrist.

The gold and silver-tone Seiko watch has a Japanese quartz movement with an awesome analog display and gold-colored dial. The crystal reflects different colored light when the light hits it at a different angle.

The watch is powered by the solar panel which received energy from sunlight. So direct sunlight is needed to function the watch properly.

There are many watches for women under 200 dollars which I will include day by day. So, keep visiting this page to get updated and collect the best watches available.

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